One way the show attempts to generate excitement is by giving away a fantastic Grand Prize.  You become eligible simply by purchasing an admission ticket.  Of course you can buy multiple tickets if you want to increase your chances.  Grand prizes are worth hundreds of dollars.  Some past grand prizes: treasure chest of various specimens, paleomastodon molar, quartz crystals cluster, fossil turtle shell, amethyst cathedral, fossil sharks teeth- cast and real, mineral collection, silver coin from the Atocha, meteorite, collection of gems and jewelry, dinosaur egg and Peruvian quartz crystal with galena and pyrite.  The good thing is you do not have to be present to win the prize, but we try to get in touch with you at the close of the show so you could claim it promptly. 

Door prizes are smaller items, usually donated by our dealers.  They are typically mineral, fossil, or jewelry specimens that make great additions to any collection.  We have the best dealers in the country, so the prizes are always “top shelf.”  Door prizes are usually given on the hour and you determine if you win by checking ticket stubs before you leave the show.
The 2019 Grand Door Prize: Will be really great!
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 Grand Door Prize