There will be multiple demonstrations to spark your interest.  Most demonstrations are performed by members of the Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society who have extensive experience in their respective craft.  Demonstrations are designed to give you the opportunity to chat and learn about the hobby. Typical demonstrations include:

•    Flint knapping
•    Lapidary cutting and polishing
•    Wire wrapping
•    Beading
•    Fluorescent minerals

List of Demonstrations
1.  Wire Wrapping and Beading
     Demonstrated by Mildred S Schiff 
2.  Fluorescent Qualities of Minerals
     Demonstrated by Mike Baldwin
Did you know that there are many ways that some minerals can emit light. Fluorescent minerals are those that emit visible light when activated by invisible ultraviolet light (UV), X-rays and/or electron beams. While this may sound confusing it is easily understood in this demostration by Mike Baldwin.

3.  Flint Knapping & Indian Pottery

     Demonstrated by Richard Gunter
Richard uses the same techniques Native Americans used to create a variety of flint arrowheads and implements.


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